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In 1990, Jim Lambert established Classic Touch of South Florida to provide automotive appearance enhancement and protection services. Eight years ago the company narrowed its focus and now specializes in two specific areas: the KwickSilver method for wheel rim repair and the Invisibra Paint Protection System

Many regular clients, like higher-end BMW, Mercedes, and Porsche dealerships, call upon Classic Touch of South Florida every week to repair wheel rims that are bent, cracked, or have curb damage. Using the KwickSilver method and techniques learned from years of experience, Classic Touch of South Florida currently repairs approximately 150 to 200 wheels a month.

We also now offer Rim Welding. Rims can crack more easily than you might imagine. Trauma will do it but so will regular wear and tear. Cracked rims are more than just a cosmetic problem though. Small cracks can lead to air leaks and widen to cause unexpected blow outs. larger cracks can prevent a tire form holding air at all and can even make a wheel to dangerous to be used any longer.Rim welding, as offered by the professionals at Classic Touch of South Florida, is the permanent alternative to temporary quick fixes such as sealing compounds. Welding cracks in wheels is, in the right hands, a straightforward, affordable procedure that will restore your rims to as good as their original condition. 


With the new water-based paints on most late-model cars and never-ending road construction in South Florida, chips from road debris and bugs—both common problems in the area—have become major concerns for car owners interested in maintaining their vehicle’s appearance and value. In 2002, after painting and repairing thousands of damaged bumpers, Classic Touch appreciated the need for preventive paint protection. After extensive research and personally testing the products on the market, Jim chose The Invisibra using  3M Paint Protection and Xpel Paint Protection as the superior solution for preserving the car owner’s investment. 

The Invisibra comes with a five-year global warranty, backed by 3M or Xpel, against peeling, cracking and yellowing. The warranties are valid only when applied by a trained and certified installer such as Classic Touch of South Florida.

As you can imagine, a proper installation requires an extremely clean and well-lit area. Most customers prefer to come to Classic Touch of South Florida’s immaculate garage, which has been set up to minimize the likelihood of dust and debris coming between the film and paint. However, Classic Touch of South Florida can do the installation at the customer’s location upon request.

Click to learn about our Invisibra clear car paint protection from 3M!

Click to learn about our Invisibra clear car paint protection from 3M! 

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Learn about our wheel restoration, wheel polishing and bent wheel rim repair using the patented KwickSilver process!
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